Way of working

You can contact Daan for the following: 

  • interior and furniture design
  • custom furniture
  • construction supervision
  • technical drawings
  • lighting plans

Request for a design
Depending on the size of the project, an interior design will be divided into several phases. Click here  for a detailed description of the design phases. You are in the lead with deciding on the phases required for you.

Request for custom furniture
The design for custom furniture originates from your functional requirement and ideas. When making furniture, no designing costs are calculated. Options are completely open, wheter you are looking for a bathroom cabinet, kitchen with cooking island or a customized cabinet to fit your room.

Please contact us  for any questions or to make a initial appointment, free of charge. 

Private clients
In our opinion, a house should exhale the identity of its inhabitants. The design should therefore be a blend of your taste, fascinations and living standards, the assets already present, the architectural space and the addition of the designer. Budget will always be taken into account.

Business clients
In the design of a business environment it is important that first a clear profile of the company is established: what is the identity and what are the companies ambitions? This profile will form the basis of the design. There are differences in approach between offices, pbulic spaces, restaurants, clubs, shops, etc. One interior should be exciting and challenging, the other warm and quiet. Some interiors should exite and inspire, must be durable and timeless. A well designed interior affects the emotions of people and contributes to the productivity of the working staff, the sales in a shop or recovery of a patient.