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Een interview met de website Design Porteur.

Daan Mulder Interview
Design Porteur : July 24, 2012 12:16 am : INTERVIEWS

1) What is the difference between an architect and an interior architect?
An interior architect always uses the existing architectural space as a starting point. The only exception in expertise between an interior architect and an architect is that the interior architect does not create new buildings. His expertise is creating and designing new functions in existing buildings, giving new purpose to aged structures

 2) How would you describe a well-designed interior?
Creating exciting areas, and making sure the esthetics of the design contributes to the experience of the visitor of the function weather that is a store or residential apartment. The senses that are triggered when entering a space should be in harmony with its function. For example a store must trigger the curiosity of potential customers. An apartment should feel as a home, representing the feelings of the residents.

3) Your most recent creation is a table, which is part of the form-follows-function series. How would you describe the table and where did your inspiration for it come from?
I wanted to create a table with a table top that floats above the floor like a wing. Once the design of the table top was finished I derived the remaining shape from the functional specifications of a table; the table top must be supported, and people must be able to sit beside the table; the design of the table leg follows this shape. Investigating and designing shapes that only consist of fluent lines which continue indefinitely fascinates me.  I have a lot of inspiratorators but Zaha Hadid and Ben van Berkel are always on the top of my mind.

 4) What’s your take on the design scene in Holland?
The design scene is interesting. A lot of admirable designers are living in the Netherlands. The attention of the media and the general public for these designers that perform all over the world is limited. The attention and publications of my own designs is for 99% from abroad.

5) In your opinion, what limitations are faced by interior architects in Hollands?
In my opinion there should never be a limitation to the creations of a designer, only possibilities. When you use your creativity there should be no limits.

6) In interior architectural design, does sustainability play out in the design process or in the materials used?
A sustainable interior design is reached by proper detailing and choice of materials, picked along the process. The real amount of sustainability of a design depends on many more factors, such as durability as well as personal taste.

7) Is there a common denominator in your projects?
My focus in designing is to give as much purpose to a design by letting the shape, selection of material and the color express and extent the design. This is expressed by one of my earlier designs; the Form Follows Function Sofa. One continuous fluent line that creates all the required support for the human body. That design is about shape, shape in its purest essence. Every bit of added material might weaken the power of the design.

8) What are trends in interior architectural design today?
Lately, the trend in the design industry is to create eco friendly designs. In my opinion, the risk of using eco friendliness as an absolute ingredient in the design, is that one might lose a bit of his autonomy. The starting point for a design should be determined by the designer and not by conditions set by the market. I think that the Eco friendliness of the design should be applied when products become a mass produced product.

9) When did you know that you wanted to be an interior architect and furniture designer?
After finishing the cabinet making school I have decided to apply at the academy in order to broaden my view on designing.

10) What advice do you have for a future interior architect or an interior architecture student?
Try to keep your designs close to yourself.

11) Is there something that you haven’t yet designed, but that would you like to?
Besides interior design there are also a lot of ideas I have for furniture designs. One of the biggest challenges I can think of at this moment is to create an excellent dining chair. That is one of the designs I would really like to focus on in the near future.

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