process interior design town hall Noordoostpolder

In mid-March 2013, the new town hall for the municipality of Noordoostpolder in Emmeloord was taken into use. The office space has undergone a metamorphosis to move on to the new working. The 80’s office environment has been transformed into a dynamic light design with a powerful identity. Together with Korfker Architects we won the contract in a public tender with a convincing design vision.

I regularly work with Korfker Architects on larger interior projects. Look at the website for more information.
Photography: Rose Aldershoff

The end result of a corridor / walking space on one of the floors.
In the middle a little landing place, typical of the new works.
Photo’s: Roos Aldershoff

Tests with different transparencies in the film.

The whole takes shape!

Our first inspection on construction.

The contractor has just started here with the installations.
Presentation of fabrics that we have chosen per floor. Each floor has its own theme with accompanying colors.

A render of a floor

2-bestaande-situatie3The old situation.