proces interior design

Phase 1: the sketch
A sketch arises from the impression that was obtained after the first meeting to make clear what are the ideas, requirements and the area involved. The current situation will be measured and pictures will be made. The sketch design incorporates maps and 3D sketches of different ideas and possibilities. This phase usually applies to larger projects.

Phase 2: the preliminary design
The preliminary design gives a very clear picture of the plan.
This design contains:

  • floor plans
  • 3D impressions
  • samples of the materials to be used
  • lighting plan if requested
  • overview of materials and prices
  • estimate of the total costs

After the presentation of the preliminary design the way forward will be discussed and the criticisms are taken to the final design. 

Phase 3: the final design
The final design includes all the changes that have been discussed and more specifics of the technical drawing. On the basis of these drawings, the contractor can request the required quotes and if needed permits can be requested at local authorities.

Phase 4: the technical design
In this phase, the technical drawings are finalized in detail. This design contains all required details for realising the design, like position of door handles and heights and positions of electrical outlets.